Our Mission

Being a man is about much more than growing a killer beard, wrestling a bear, or riding a stallion through the woods while chasing down bad guys to rescue your maiden...its about using your strength to help those who can't help themselves.

That's why we partner with ZOE Ministries to eradicate sex trafficking in the US and abroad. 12% of our net profits get sent directly to Zoe to assist them with what they do in the US and abroad. Here's a snapshot of what they do.


From ZOE website:


ZOE protects the identity and dignity of children and does not show trafficked children.


ZOE fights against child trafficking in three ways: prevention, rescue, and restoration. Our goal is to rescue children from human traffickers and provide the children with new life. With currently 20.9 million victims of human trafficking worldwide, ZOE makes every effort to rescue children in need. From spreading child trafficking awareness to feeding and educating human trafficking survivors, ZOE does everything it can to ensure the safety and well-being of children.


ZOE prevents child trafficking through prevention rescues and human trafficking awareness campaigns. We have a growing network, including law enforcement officials, teachers, and pastors, located in Thailand that serve as the eyes and ears for ZOE. In addition, community members use our human trafficking hotline to alert us of any potential human trafficking victims. When we learn about at-risk children, we carefully remove them from harm’s way.


Intervention rescues take place when a child trafficking victim is brought to our attention. As a member of Anti-Trafficking Multi-Disciplinary Task Force (MDT) of northern Thailand, we work with Thai government and law enforcement officials to rescue victims of human trafficking. Our rescue efforts involve raids conducted by law enforcement officials, prosecutions and convictions, and the rescuing of labor and sex trafficking victims.


Once rescued children are in our hands, we bring them to one of our safe houses where we provide short-term specialized care. Children in need of longer or permanent care may be placed in ZOE’s aftercare facility in Thailand. In our secured facility we have parents, tutors, and teachers on staff who feed, care for, and educate children. Our aftercare program is created to bring healing and wholeness to every child.



ZOE demonstrates the love of Christ to the world through our multi-faceted ministries, including:
•    Leadership Ministry
•    Prayer Ministry
•    Evangelism Ministry
•    Discipleship Ministry
•    Compassion Ministry
•    Children’s Homes Ministry
•    Missions Ministry